Training with 5 x 3 hour sessions | Zürich, Schweiz

Responsible Impact Boards

The search for solutions to global megatrends and challenges such as cyber-attacks, climate change or poverty are increasingly influencing the work of the board of directors.
Responsible Impact Boards

Time & Location

Training with 5 x 3 hour sessions
Zürich, Schweiz

About the Event

Board Training

Chapter Zero Switzerland, engageability and the Global Compact Network Switzerland & Liechtenstein  are organizing a board training in collaboration with ESG Competent Boards and the Swiss Board School. It is designed by and for board members to embrace a future-fit mindset, to adress key sustainability issues and to think ahead.

The training consists of 10 modules organized in 5 x 3 hour sessions. In preparation, participants will get access to the online ESG Competent Boards Certificate Program with reading lists, videos, and a set of industry cases to help create value, enhance resiliency, and establish good governance.

Price: CHF 5'800.-*

Project Partners: engageability and Chapter Zero Switzerland

In Collaboration with: ESG Competent Boards and Swiss Board School

* Participants interested in the ESG Competent Boards Certificate can conduct a final case assignment

for an additional fee of CHF 1'500.-.


04.11.2021 - Embracing the Mindset (Zurich)

16:30-18:00: Dealing with Dilemmas and turning Risks into Opportunities

18:30-20:00: Boardroom Diversity

16.11.2021 - Addressing Key Issues (1/3) (online)

16:30-18:00: ESG Market Expectations

18:30-20:00: Human Rights Due Diligence in Global Supply Chain

13.12.2021 - Addressing Key Issues (2/3) (Zurich)

16:30-18:00: Shareholder and Stakeholder Engagement & Disclosure

18:30-20:00: Anti-corruption & bribery

12.01.2022 - Addressing Key Issues (3/3) (online)

16:30-18:00: Climate Governance

18:30-20:00: Circular Economy

08.02.2022 - Thinking Ahead (Zurich)

16:30-18:00: Corporate Digital Responsibility

18:30-20:00: The Future of good Corporate Governance

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