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Target Gender Equality Accelerator

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Target Gender Equality is an accelerator programme for participating companies of the UN Global Compact. Through facilitated performance analysis, capacity building workshops, peer-to-peer learning and multi-stakeholder dialogue, Target Gender Equality will support companies in setting and reaching ambitious corporate targets for women’s representation and ensure equal pay for work of equal value.

Companies participating in Target Gender Equality have the opportunity to deepen implementation of the Women’s Empowerment Principles. They will also strengthen their contribution to Sustainable Development Goal 5.5, which calls for equal women representation, participation and leadership in business globally, as well as Sustainable Development Goal 8.5, which aims to achieve equal pay for work of equal value by 2030. Companies will be equipped with the latest data and research supporting the business case for gender equality, gain insights from UN partners and experts on how to accelerate progress on gender equality and develop an action plan for putting their learnings into practice.

Structure & Learning Goals

Module 1
Stage Setting

  • Explaining what the gender gap and the business case for gender equality are

  • Understanding current trends and gaps in your country and region

Module 2
Performance Analysis

  • Understanding where your current gaps and opportunities lie and identify priority areas ahead

  • Getting started on gathering sex-disaggregated data

Module 3
Policies & Practices

  • Revising policies with a gender lens

  • Taking out bias across processes, and understanding which programmes can accelerate progress for gender equality

Module 4
Setting Targets

  • Formulating targets and goals

  • Understanding how to ensure organization-wide buy in and unpack backlash

Module 5
Tracking Progress

  • Drafting KPIs to track progress

  • Transparently reporting on progress and communicating a holistic gender equality strategy

Module 6

  • Making your targets for gender equality public

  • Leveraging International Women’s Day in a meaningful way


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Giuliana Germana

Global Head of Learning, Development, Diversity & Inclusion


The program helped us to identify the gender strengths and gaps in our company, oriented us how to reduce the gaps and prioritize the actions through realistic targets. Because this training course we decided to launch a global project to reduce the gender gaps in my organization with the participation of colleagues from different countries and positions

Programme schedule & costs

Registration: March 15 to June 16, 2023

Programme duration: June 2023 – March 2024

Effort: approximately 40-50 hours

Language: English

Costs: free of charge*

*for UN Global Compact participants only


In order to take part, companies are required to meet the following criteria:

  • Be a participant of the UN Global Compact in Switzerland or Liechtenstein or willing to join

  • Committed to learning about corporate target setting and taking actions to advance gender equality at the workplace

  • Willing to appoint:

    • Two representatives to participate in programme activities and events

    • A top-level “Ambassador” to follow program developments, provide support to the participants and participate in high-level events


  • You will confidently set ambitious and realistic targets for gender balance, women’s leadership and equal pay for work of equal value

  • You will understand your current gender equality performance through the facilitated use of the Women’s Empowerment Principles Gender Gap Analysis Tool

  • You will unpack the business case for gender equality and understand the benefits of diversity and inclusion

  • You will engage in accelerated learning opportunities, identify enabling policies and practices, and develop a tailored action plan to support accountability

  • You will build a network of peers, UN partners and experts to support your gender equality strategy and work collectively to tackle persistent barriers to gender equality

  • You will showcase women in your company who are driving business success, sustainability, and contributions to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

The local track of Target Gender Equality will be implemented jointly by the Local Networks Germany and Switzerland & Liechtenstein and realised in collaboration with the Equal Salary Foundation. ​


Please reach out to us if you have any questions.

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