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Benefits of joining

Benefits of joining

It's good for business

The success and profitability of a company depends on the trust of investors, customers, employees, suppliers, and society alike. The basis for this is economic, social, and ecological sustainability.

It's good for society

Responsible business does not only motivate all stakeholders; it also enables long-term profitability and contributes to prosperity and the global common good. The Ten Principles and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) serve as guidelines and opportunities for innovative companies.

The UN Global Compact Network Switzerland & Liechtenstein provides you with guidance to commit, assess, define, implement, measure and communicate your sustainability efforts. By being part of our initiative:

Gives your organization access to

like-minded, innovative, and successful stakeholders both locally and globally. Together, we further develop corporate responsibility.

Provides your company with the knowledge to develop environmental and social risk analyses and sustainability strategies.

Supports you in the operational implementation of responsible business practices such as supply chain management, human rights due diligence, anti-corruption measures, reporting, etc.

Organizes trainings, sharing & learnings, events as well as individual support (coaching).

Offers you a platform with various

stakeholders from business, civil society, academia, and the public sector on topics of economic, social and environmental responsibility.

Gives you access to the largest global network for responsible business through the UN Global Compact in New York as well as other Local Networks in 120 countries.

Are you a current Participant?
Join our LinkedIn Group and network with each other, share and exchange ideas and best practices and create a community within our Local Network. For UN Global Compact Participants only.

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