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How the UN Global Compact Academy is helping companies advance on key sustainability topics

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

More than 120,000 participants from over 7,000 companies are scaling their corporate sustainability knowledge through learning experiences from the Academy, the UN Global Compact’s premier digital learning platform.

Are you driving ambitious corporate action for the Sustainable Development Goals and looking for the latest tools and resources? Are you new to the topic of corporate sustainability and not quite sure where to begin? No matter where you are on your sustainability journey, the UN Global Compact Academy provides you with the skills and knowledge you need to move your company further in implementing the SDGs and the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact.

Who is it for?

Aligned with the UN Global Compact 2023 Strategy, the Academy is offered to all employees of the 15,000 companies participating in the UN Global Compact, including MNCs and SMEs. Participants of the Academy span across levels of seniority and corporate functions depending on the topic and type of sessions.

What’s available?

Choose from a wide range of innovative learning experiences on the topics of climate change, human rights, labor, SDG integration and more. Available in on-demand or live formats, the Academy offers new insights and best practices from world-class leaders, changemakers and practitioners on today’s most pressing sustainability issues. Learn at your own pace with e-learning courses, guided learning paths and more that will help you learn key sustainability concepts, anytime, anywhere.

Learning experiences

What learners are saying

Over 90% of users would recommend the UN Global Compact Academy to their colleagues. Here is what learners have been saying:

“We have gained actionable knowledge in a way that we can implement in our daily operations.”

“Excellent content that offers both learning and practical tools!”

“The Academy courses help me to understand my role in driving effective change as part of our organizational transformation.”

“Valuable information and the teaching format was easy to follow. I was able to improve my understanding and skills, and have recommended the UN Global Compact Academy to colleagues.”

Ready to explore the Academy?

Join us today to advance your sustainability journey! If you’re already a participant of the UN Global Compact, you can request your complimentary account at

Not yet a participant of the UN Global Compact? We invite you to sample one of our popular e-learning courses like Setting science-based targets or Future-proofing your small and medium-sized enterprise for free. Learn more about how to join the UN Global Compact here.

Do you have questions about the UN Global Compact Academy? Contact the Academy team at



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