Publications on Human & Labour Rights

Publications on Sustainable Supply Chains

Publications on Environment & Climate 

Publications on Sustainability Reporting

Publications on Anti-Corruption


General Publications

Publications on the SDGs


UN Global Compact Library

Human & Labour Rights

Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights

Family-friendly Workplaces

Business: it's time to act.

Decent Work, Modern Slavery & Child Labour

ETI Human Rights Due Diligence Framework


Environment & Climate

1.5°C Business


5 tipping points for a healthy and productive ocean by 2030




A guide for Anti-Corruption Risk Assessment

Preventing Corruption in the Supply Chain

Business against Corruption - A Framework for Action

Preventing Corruption - Information for Swiss businesses operating abroad

General Publications

Sustainable Development Goals

Business Reporting on the SDGs: An Analysis of the Goals and Targets

SDG Ambition Guide: Setting Goals for the Decade of Action

Integrating the SDGs into Corporate Reporting: A Practical Guide

SDG Ambition Integration Guide: Designing Business Systems for the SDGs

In Focus: Addressing Investor Needs in Business Reporting on the SDGs

SDG Ambition: Scaling Business Impact for the Decade of Action


Sustainable Supply Chains

Supply Chain Sustainability: A Practical Guide for Continuous Improvement

Support Your SME Suppliers

Decent Work Toolkit for Sustainable Procurement


Sustainability Reporting

Basic Guide: Communication on Progress

UN Global Compact Communication on Progress Policy




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