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Visionary Heroes

Sustainability leaders driving exponential change and transformational shifts at their organisations for the decade of action

Achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 will require bolder action, a shift in mindset and innovations to bring about such transformational change.

A clear and common purpose, and a heroic collaborative effort, will inspire others to achieve the necessary progress in this decade of action.

Together with Deloitte Switzerland, we speak to Chief Sustainability Officers and sustainability leaders about what they are doing to bring about exponential change at their organisation to lead us to the bright future we all want for us and future generations.

Meet our visionary heroes

Listen to sustainability leaders from the upcoming decade of action as they share the seeds they have planted at their organisations and their vision for the future.

Mirjam Staub-Bisang, CEO of BlackRock Switzerland and Senior Advisor to BlackRock Sustainable Investing


Mirjam discusses the significance of sustainable investing at BlackRock, the importance of nature related risks and the potential of blended finance solutions to achieve our collective sustainability objectives.

Watch the full interview here.

Aurelia Figueroa, Global Head of Sustainability, Breitling


How do you build consensus among various stakeholders when working in sustainability? Aurelia Figueroa, Global Head of Sustainability discusses BREITLING's sustainability mission and why successful collaboration and knowledge sharing across their value chain, and the industry overall, will help to drive change.

Watch the full interview here.

Magali Anderson, Chief Sustainability & Innovation Officer, Holcim


What do plastic bottles have to do with the sustainability ambitions of the world’s largest cement manufacturer? Everything according to Magali Anderson, Chief Sustainability & Innovation Officer at Holcim. Find out how she is using her repertoire of experience and skills to engage everyone across the organisation, set an example and implement change.

Watch the full interview here.

Antonia Wanner, Group Head of ESG, Sustainability Strategy and Deployment, Nestlé


Hear who Antonia’s strongest advocates were when she was offered this sustainability role at Nestlé and why the interest, energy and passion for ESG make it the best profession to work in




Watch the full interview here.

Matthew Kilgarriff, Director of Corporate Social Responsibility, Richemont


Are there reasons to be optimistic about climate change? Matthew Kilgarriff from Richemont reflects on the progress we’ve made and how the transition to a more sustainable future is a matter of implementing existing solutions to known problems.

Watch the whole interview here.

Stefania Lallai, Vice President Sustainability, MSC Cargo Division


Becoming a more sustainable business is a journey and not without its challenges. Hear from MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company’s Stefania Lallai on what she thinks success will look like.

Watch the whole interview here.

Karin Reiter, Global Head of ESG/Sustainability at The Adecco Group


Working in sustainability requires tenacity, optimism and the ability to think long-term. Karin  talks about the importance of tailoring your approach to motivate and empower everyone within an organisation to become a sustainability advocate.

Watch the whole interview here.

Marisa Drew, Chief Sustainability Officer, Credit Suisse


Find out why Marisa Drew thinks that companies need to look to one another as collaborators rather than competitors when it comes to sustainability.

Watch the whole interview here.

Linda Freiner, Group Head of Sustainability, Zurich Insurance Group

“Are we creating change? Are we making a difference?” Linda Freiner from Zurich Insurance emphasises the importance of demonstrating how sustainability can transform businesses and industries in the long-term.

Watch the whole interview here.

Anne Wolf, Director Corporate Responsibility, Swiss Post


In light of new regulations, hear from Anne Wolf at Swiss Post about why greenwashing can never be the solution and why companies need to change their business processes to reduce carbon and meet their ambitious climate targets.

Watch the whole interview here.

Watch this space for more videos to follow, as we continue to interview more visionary heroes.

On this page you can find the full interviews of all our visionary heroes.

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Are you a Chief Sustainability Officer or sustainability leader who would like to inspire others with what you are doing at your organisation to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals? We would love to hear from you.

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