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Participate in UN Global Compact's European Study on the SDGs!

There are significant benefits for businesses incorporating the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into their operations, including new business opportunities, increased attractivity for employees, customers, and investors, better employee retention, supply chain resilience, and reduced costs. 

Although 96% of business leaders agree that the private sector plays a crucial role in achieving the SDGs, companies report difficulties in integrating the SDGs into their core strategies and in understanding, reporting, and managing their impact on the Goals.  

Together with European networks of the UN Global Compact we are carrying out a study and comparative analysis on where European companies stand in regards to the implementation of the SDGs.

In order to accurately and effectively represent the Swiss and Liechtenstein private sector, we are inviting local companies, of all sizes and industries, to take part in this study, also businesses that are not part of the UN Global Compact.

The survey is open until 15 May 2024, and will take 15min to complete. The results will be unveiled at the end of September at the Private Sector Forum, organized during the week of the United Nations General Assembly. All answers provided will be treated in strict confidence. If you have any questions or encounter challenges in completing the survey, please send an email to



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