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Sustainability is our driver for improvement and innovation

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

The three finalists of the “Green Business Award” 2021 have been announced: Designwerk Products, Kern and Wingtra. We seize this moment to look back on the “Green Business Award” winner 2019 – HeiQ and how this award has helped them to evolve.

As an advanced technology company in specialty chemicals and industrial biotechnology HeiQ is convinced that molecules and microbes will be part of the solution to save and preserve our planet for future generations. At HeiQ eco-sustainability, the development of eco-friendly products and the reduction of our negative impacts on the planet, is firmly anchored in the company purpose. It is part of the triple bottom line that we strive to maximize. Running a profitable business and improving the lives of billions by innovating their everyday products essentially summarizes what we do.

Continuous improvement, doing better every day, is the essence of running a sustainable business. We create trust with our stakeholders via transparent communication and we celebrate diversity as a level for successful innovation. As an ingredient supplier, what we do is not only to be good ourselves, but to enable all others to be good, from mills to brands to consumers. Even though we are just a small company we amplify our impact infinitely via our business partners and direct marketing communication to consumers. We are, of course, very proud to have won "Green Business Award" in 2019, as for HeiQ it showed recognition of the positive connection between entrepreneurial success and sustainable action.

Our Contributions to an Eco-Friendly Future

For HeiQ, the future is unquestionably oriented towards continuing our pursuit of eco-friendly technologies. We use recycled and recyclable ingredients and ensure that the added functionality and ingredients that we offer do not impair recycling, upcycling nor circular use. We help to extend the lifetime and application area of everyday products by adding functionalities and preserving them from degradation and enabling reduced washing which equates to less water, less energy, lower detergent consumption.

The Path Forward

As we resolutely pursue the path we set-off on, we rely on our agility and ability to learn and adapt quickly. Where we encounter challenges and hurdles, we approach them as opportunities. With sustainability as our powerful driver for improvement and innovation, we have generated several sustainability initiatives in our company. We are currently collecting data and plan to publish our first Sustainability Report, following the guidance of the Global Reporting Initiative, in early 2022.

About the “Green Business Award”

The "Green Business Award" honours innovative companies that combine economic success with ecological impact. A unique selection process via national business associations and environmental organisations guarantees that the most convincing solutions are sought out each year. With the "Green Business Award" among other formats, "Green Business Switzerland" focuses on the positive connection between entrepreneurial success and sustainable action. Behind this forward-looking cooperation of key players from business and environmental protection are, among others, the FOEN, economiesuisse, öbu, Pusch, scienceindustries, Swissmem, Swiss Textiles, the Swiss Environmental Foundation and WWF Switzerland.

This years three finalists of the "Green Business Award" were announced on 2 July 2021:

  • Wingtra: WingtraOne - the mapping drone for the efficient use of resources

  • Designwerk Products AG: Sustainably efficient, performing with certainty and economically worthwile - the Futuricum electric commercial vehicles

  • Kern AG: PackOnTime 2box - tailor-made packages - quick and easy

The jury of the Green Business Award 2021 © Green Business Switzerland

The award ceremony will take place on 22 September at "CE2 - Circular Economic Entrepreneurs" - a conference of the Swiss Economic Forum.



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