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The results of the vote on the Responsible Business Initiative

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

The Responsible Business Initiative - to protect people and the environment - was rejected. What exactly does this mean for Swiss Companies?

On Sunday, 29.11.2020, the popular initiative "For responsible companies - to protect people and the environment" was rejected. The cantonal vote sealed the fate of the initiative. However, the initiative succeeded in capturing 50.7% of the popular vote.

The counter-proposal will enter into force after the deadline of the optional referendum of 100 days, provided that no optional referendum is held. But what does this mean exactly for Swiss businesses? What does the counter-proposal entail? We have compiled the most important information for you. Please find it here.

We believe that, in capturing the popular vote, corporate responsibility and sustainability as well as the respect of Human Rights Due Diligence in value chains is an important concern for the Swiss population. This gives us an even stronger incentive to support our current and potential members in their engagement for responsible and transparent business practices.

We would like to join forces and invite companies and organisations to take this call very seriously, as our credibility will rely on our actions.

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