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Regional SBT Q&A Surgeries

Companies are facing pressure to set 1.5°C science-based targets (SBT) and align their business strategies with a net-zero future.


Although sector-specific guidance has been developed for many industries, companies are still seeking support to better understand the best ways in which to approach setting and achieving science-based targets.


Organized by Global Compact Networks from Europe and the UN Global Compact Academy, this 9-part virtual series aims to support companies' understanding of sector-specific guidance (where applicable) and overcome sector-specific challenges as well as foster the exchange of good practices.


Through 60-minute Q&A sessions, participants have the opportunity to engage with SBT experts and early SBT adopters from the private sector to have their questions answered. Sessions will be held from 14 September to 28 October and each session will be hosted by a different Local Network.

You can find more information here.

Overview of Q&A sessions

  • Financial Institutions – 14 September

  • Transport Sector – 22 September

  • Building Sector – 27 September

  • Information and Communication Sector – 28 September

  • Professional Services – 4 October

  • Power Sector – 5 October

  • Chemical Sector – 14 October

  • Retail Sector – 14 October

  • Forest, Land & Agriculture Sector – 28 October

The Regional SBT Q&A Surgeries will be run on the Academy, which is the learning platform for UN Global Compact participants. Access to the series may be granted as well to non-participants upon request. For more information, please reach out to us.

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